Friday, July 16, 2010

Chiesa di Santa Maria Immacolata Concezione

The Church of Santa Maria Immacolata Concezione was built in the early 17th century by Cardinal Antonio Barberini, a Capuchin Franciscan and brother of Pope Urbano VIII. It was designed by the papal architect and Franciscan Friar Michele da Bergamo
You get to the front door from the Via Veneto
by ascending a scissor-shaped staircase.
Typical of Capucin churches, there are no architectural side aisles.

A main attraction to visitors is the crypt with the exhumed bones of long dead friars arranged in "artistic" ways. However there are several interesting tombs and memorials in the "upstairs" church.
This is the tomb of the Polish Prince Alexander Sobieski.
The shrine to the 20th Centruy Capucin Saint
Padre Pio is in the front of the church.
The tomb of the first Capucin saint.
Felix of Cantalice died in 1587.
This is a detail of a relief carved by A. Bisetti in 1853.
A "Barbarini Bee" can be seen
under the Holy Water font.

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