Thursday, May 27, 2010

Santo Volto di Gesù

The first modern church I visited in Rome was Chiesa Santo Volto di Gesù. I was there two weeks after the dedication in April, 2006. It remains one of my favorite modern churchs in the Eternal City.From the outside, the building is dominated by a half-dome that rises from a plaza several steps above street level.

The front doors bring the visitor into the side of the main liturgical space or directly into the Chapel of the Eucharist. On the inside the two spaces are connected by a glass wall with glass doors.
A large clear glass window behind the altar gives a shielded view of the surrounding neighborhood through panes that seem to represent the radiating presence of God. The passing of the sun provides an ever changing pattern of shadows on the interior of the church.

The pews are an interesting design.

The Stations of the Cross were designed my Mimmo Palidino.

The Chapel of the Eurcharist has a very intense blue wall with an antique crucifix.

The tabernacle, containing the Eucharistic presence of Christ, is a golden sphere -- maybe referring to the circular part of the altar window.

Spheres and circles are also part of a mural on the back wall of the main assembly space.

Adjacent to the church is a parish house with many interesting design features.

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Bill B said...

Wow, what interesting and inventive architecture and design. Thanks for sharing with us, Larry!