Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ludi Romani

Today I enjoyed strolling around the area of the Circo de Massenzio on the Via Appia Antica. and I was encouraged to return to blogging!

The Ludi Romani (Roman Games) were a religious festival in ancient Rome from September 5th-19th. This weekend there were re-enactments, performances and activities to commemorate this ancient festival.
Representatives of different Roman Legions
were on hand to demonstrate their skills.

I enjoyed watching a surveyor at work.

Roman women were looking at jewelry.

 It was possible to shop for armor.

"Roman Priests" were on hand
to help you with rituals and sacrifices for Ludi Romani.
 There was even a "Roman" selling musical instruments.
 There were many activities for kids: performances, watching re-enactments, ceramics, trying on Roman clothing, mosaics, even waging mock battles and using Roman war machines.

 Romans are lined up for lunch. I had delicious sausage on bread.