Sunday, November 30, 2014

Advent Calendar for 2014: Horses in Rome

I remember Advent Calendars from my childhood, and over the years I shared them with my own kids, Emily and Peter. We would look forward to opening a window and revealing a picture, and sometimes a verse, relating to Christmas. (It seemed we only had windows. Friends have remembered chocolates or small gifts behind the windows.)

Previous years I have posted Roman windows, doors, gates, angels, fountains, modern churches and stairs. This year I have chosen "Horses in Rome" as a theme for the 24 days before Christmas. Each day through December 24th you can come to this blog and see a photo I have taken of different horses in Rome.

The first day of Advent this year is November 30th. Because it is not part of the 24 days before Christmas, I have chosen horses in Rome that you cannot see right because they are behind scaffolding and a curtain for the restoration of Trevi Fountain.

Horses of Trevi Fountain