Friday, July 30, 2010

Santa Maddalena di Canossa

Santa Maddalena di Canossa: Built 1992-97
Architect: Giovanni Ambrosi de Magistris

At the same time that the "garage" church of Sant'Ilirio was being renovated, a new parish was formed about 1km north, Santa Maddalena di Canossa.

The interior seats about 600 people and it is a very successful architectural space for the community celebration of the Eucharist. (For a dozen years the priests have been able to keep the church free of clutter. I wish other modern churches could do that!)

From wherever one sits, there is a sense
of being close to the action of the liturgy.
The soaring concrete, wood and steel construction
helps the worshipper "lift up their hearts."

The external design of the church is an
interesting addition to the neighborhood.

The rectory and parish activity rooms
are connected to the church structure.

The church is in a residential neighborhood
and shares a parking lot with a multiplex cinema.

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