Friday, July 16, 2010

"Birdwalking" on a Deadly Hot Afternoon

When I got home yesterday evening, I realized that I had spent a "deadly hot" afternoon (nearly 100 degrees) "birdwalking" in Rome around sites related to the dead.
After lunch I wandered in to the crypt of the Cappucian Church of the Immacolata Concezione, with it's macabre decorations made from the bones of the dead Friars.
At 5:30 pm I was in the Jesuit Church of Il Gesù to see the baroque presentation at the tomb of Saint Ignatius. (I have a pervious posting about this presentation. CLICK HERE.)

As I headed toward home, the sun's light shined brightly on Il Vittoriano, the monument that, among other things, contains the Italian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Before heading into the metro for the subway ride to Garbatella, I took this picture of the Colosseum. This is the arena where many gladiators fought to their death and many Christians were executed.

Note about "birdwalking": Most people travel in a straight path to get from one location to another. I often find myself "birdwalking" as I go from one place to the next, zig-zagging back and forth, observing what is around me, much in the same way a bird goes about in a zig-zag way, looking for food.

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