Thursday, January 24, 2008

Saturday Birdwalking

The Gate of St. Sebastian

Ancient Rome was built on seven hills. Modern Rome encompasses many more hills than the original seven, even though today a "forest" of five to ten story buildings disguise the ups and downs of the hills.

Last Saturday I found myself "birdwalking" in a small valley between two hills that went from the Circo Massimo to the Porto San Sebastiano leading out to the Via Appia Antica. I had Georgia Masson's book, A Companion Guide to Rome, to give direction to my explorations.

Note: Most people travel in a straight path to get from one location to another. I often find myself "birdwalking" as I go from one place to the next, zig-zagging back and forth, observing what is around me, much in the same way a bird goes about in a zig-zag way, looking for food.

Here are a few pictures from my "birdwalk" along the Via della Porta San Sebastiano.

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Willym said...

Great photos Larry, I really must start more birdwalking. Love the Masson - thank you so much to you guys for first mentioning it then giving it to me.