Sunday, April 6, 2008

Piazza Oderico da Pordenone

On Wednesday night the city of Rome
planted a 100 year-old olive tree
in the center of Piazza Oderico da Pordenone.

It is quite a grand old tree!
This is looking at our building
Number 1 on Piazza Oderico da Pordenone.

This is looking out at the "new" tree from the gate of our building. The piazza is really more of a traffic circle than a park. To give you a sense of Piazza Oderico da Pordenone here are some pictures of what the tree sees.

The Via di Villa Belardi ends at the piazza.

This is Viale Guglielmo Massaia,  named after a 19th Century missionary in East Africa.

This is looking toward Via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi, named after the mother of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the leader of Italian unification. Our apartment faces this street.

To the left of the tall building is Via Giovanni Genocchi, named after a missionary to South America.

This is the Via della Sette Chiese, the street of the Seven Churches, as it leads to the Basilica of San Paolo.

This is looking at the Via della Sette Chiese as it goes to the Basilica of San Sebastiano.

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