Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flushing in Rome

When you walk into a bathroom in Rome, you never know what to expect when it comes time to flush. In both homes and public places you can encounter many different ways ways to get the water to take it away.

Often you will find a button on top of the tank to activate your flush.

And occasionally you can find the button UNDER the tank.

There are times when the flush button is on the wall.

The bigger button gives you more water.

And sometimes there will even be arrows
to let you know where the button is.

When you finish using some toilets
you have to reach up and pull a chain to get your flush.

And every now and then
there is a pedal on the floor
for a "hands free" flush.

1 comment:

Willym said...

LOL - ain't it the truth.. and then there is ours which is a push button vacumn pump thingy.. sometimes you have to prime it. And how about the toilet seat thing?????