Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Archbishop Comes to Visit

Two weeks ago we were in London and went past Lambeth Palace, home to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Last night the Archbishop, Rowan Williams, was the preacher at an ecumenical vesper service at Caravita, our church in the center of Rome. Cardinal Kasper was the presider. (Please excuse the blurry photo...I was the thurifer!)
In the sacristy before the service I mention to the Archbishop that I was recently in London for my first time, and while on the Hop On - Hop Off tourist bus we went past his house. There is even a stop for Lambeth Palace on the bus. He indicated that they were well served by the bus and "next time in London I should hop off... knock on the door... and have a spot of tea."
The Archbishop asked about my home parish, and I was able to proudly speak of the Church of the Holy Apostles in New York City.

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laurent said...

We saw him yesterday at St-Anne's Gate as his car was coming out of the Vatican State. He looked a bit glum, maybe the negotiations are not going well.