Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Balconies: Piazza Bologna

On Wednesday I went "birdwalking" to Piazza Bologna, an early 20th century suburb of Rome, three stops on the metro from Stazione Termini. (It is where I took Italian classes this past summer and fall.)

I am fascinated at how architects interpret balconies on Roman apartment buildings. The first seven pictures I took while standing in Piazza Bologna.
These are the first balconies I saw as I emerged from the metro station.
The curving balconies of this building are above The Meeting Place Bar where we would go for coffee at break time during the Italian classes.
Some residents fill their balconies with plants.

These are balconies on the building of the Italian Language institute.
Rectangular balconies come in many shapes.
Some balconies wrap around the corners of the buildings.

These are more balconies that I saw as I walked two blocks south of the Piazza to the big market.

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