Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Rome - student celebration

Today Grade 5 joined with Grade 1 for a birthday party to celebrate the founding of the city of Rome. (Both grades just completed a unit of inquiry based on Ancient Rome.) We made paper laurel crowns for party hats, and "reclined" on the floor to enjoy typical Roman treats of bread, apples and grapes.

First graders made an altar dedicated to Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva, the three gods who had their temple on the Capitoline Hill above the ancient Forum. On top of the altar were gifts to the gods, celebrating the founding of Rome on April 21, 753 BC.

Today was also the 11th birthday of Edda in my class. Her dad brought a cake to school for Edda to share with her classmates. The baker wrote on the top that it was for Rome and Edda!

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