Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shopping for an Icon

Athens is filled with tourist shops.

On the first of numerous strolls through the neighborhood of Plaka we found a small shop with religious items.

The owner, Anastasios Vobirakis, spoke English and, in addition to sharing his merchandise, he shared many stories about his Christian faith. We wanted to return to the shop to obtain an icon, but it took us the rest of the week to find the store again. It was not until our last night in Athens that we spotted it, but the shop was already closed.

When we returned in the morning we saw the store owner with his prayer book in front of the shop. He was happy to see us, and shared even more stories about his merchandise and the miracles of the saints.

Here we are with Anastasios and our icon of St. Paul.

When you are in Athens be sure to stop in and visit Anastasios and his religious items shop. (29 Panorosou St. -Mitropolis.


laurent said...

had I known you were looking for an icon Will and I could have suggested this really nice little shop in the same area.
Looking forward to seeing it up close.

Kevin said...

I was blessed to find Anastasios while having but a little time to shop during a 1-day tour of Athens in the summer of 2014. He was most kind and sold me a beautiful icon of my favorite Church Father - St. John Chrysostom. Anastasios had a wonderful selection of items. I hope that all who look for icons and religious articles in Athens may find him! He is near the Greek Orthodox Cathedral square.

Anonymous said...

Kirio Anastasios is truly a very special man.

He helped my husband and I, spiritually as well.

His shop is truly genuine and so is his love for people. The only shop that we felt so spiritual and his little shop is so blessed by God.

Please visit him and talk with him. He is truly a blessed man.