Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 4: Advent Calendar 2013 - Stairs in Rome

Stairs to three differemt temples
in the Sacred Zone of Largo Argentina


Ann B. said...

When I lived in Rome, Largo Argentina was a place to pass by quickly--so much traffic, always congested, and the problem of the cats. Thanks for this beautiful image that makes all the distractions disappear.

Willym said...

And this was the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated!

AMOROMA said...

The cats have been evicted! Actually, in recent years there has ac tally been a Cat shelter in Largo Argentina, but about a year ago they had to move.

AMOROMA said...

Julius Caesar was actually killed in the theatre around the corner from these temples where the senate was meeting because the Curia building in the Forum was being renovated.

Every year they do more and more work on this site making it easier to understand.