Monday, December 21, 2015

STREET ART in Rome Advent Calendar (21.12.15)

Welcome to Tor Marancia

During the last week of Advent I will focus on murals in the neighbourhood of Tor Marancia, about 1 km from my home. There are  20 murals created by an international group of artists in one block of public housing. They exist as an amazing testimony of how art can transform a neighbourhood.

"Welcome to Shanghai" 2015
Caratoes (China)

Over 100 years ago the neighbourhood was nicknamed "Shanghai" by the residents because of frequent floods, mud, shacks and violence. The Chinese artist Caratoes painted over an old sign that said "Welcome to Shanghai." The work features a Chinese opera mask with hands holding an origami version of the Roman she-wolf.

Still Life, 2015
Reka (Melbourne)

The Nourishing Unconquered Sun, 2015
Domenico Romeo (Reggio Calabria, 1988)

The Pyramid, 2015
Best | Ever (British)
Neil Edward and Hadley Newman collaborate together with the name Best | Ever. They created this mural of +hug between a man and a woman.

Waterfall of Words, 2015
Satone (Venezuela, 1977)
This artist was inspired by the conversation of two residents while he as painting and not understanding the meaning of the words they were saying, he captured the gestures, sounds and inflections on this wall.

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