Saturday, July 12, 2008

My First Year in Rome

One year ago today I arrived in Rome (at Leonardo da Vinci airport in Fumicino) wearing a T-shirt printed with airport codes: “JFK/FCO” on the front and “FCO/JFK” on the back. It has been a year that has surpassed all of my expectations.

Sharing this year with Vincenzo has been an incredible journey. Being part of the church community of Caravita has been a source of many blessings and special friendships. Returning to the classroom and teaching 5th Grade has been a most rewarding experience and the staff members of Ambrit Rome International School have become a circle of English speaking friends for me here in Rome.

Of course, when I left New York (and New Jersey) there was much that was left behind, especially the people who have been in my life. The most precious people in my life are my two kids, Emily and Peter. Being an ocean and a sea apart from them has not always been easy. I miss them! I think of them every day and I am comforted when I know that they are pursuing life with excitement. I look forward to seeing them again in the months ahead. (As I write this, Emily is in Argentina and Peter is in Nicaragua.)

The city of Rome gives me more places to “birdwalk” than I will ever be able to get to in my lifetime. I have just begun to explore the museums of the city and there are more ancient ruins than I can count. I have seen at least twice as many churches as there are weeks in a year. (And there are hundreds more for me to visit!)

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Gerry said...

Are these you two kids? Great looking kids. Just like their dad. Thank you again for my tour of Rome and around.
Love Gerry