Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to Work

Ambrit -Rome International School
Today I returned to work for the first day of staff meetings before the start of school. It was great to see other teachers again, returned from vacations all over the world. We have a couple of exciting projects for this year. (1) We are initiating a web-based curriculum mapping program that will enhance our school program. (2) We are beginning the journey to become a PYP School, certified as a Primary Years Program, part of the International Baccalaureate.

I got the class list today and look forward to next Thursday, September 4th, when I welcome my 5th grade students into the classroom "On the Corner." (I have moved from the classroom above the front door of the school to the room that is on the corner of the building.)

I have much to do before the students arrive. I have to clean shelves, unpack boxes, put up bulletin boards and set up the classroom library. All of this is in addition to planning our curricular program with my colleagues who teach the other two 5th grade classes.

This is what my classroom looked like this afternoon.


Maureen said...

Hi Larry,
I hope you have a great year at school. I loved seeing your classroom.
Where is the blue carpet? Somethings never change packing and unpacking books and paper. Sorting and rearranging. Soon the kids will be there and off you go. God Bless.

Willym said...

And out of chaos comes.... more chaos! All the best in the school year - those kid sare so lucky to have you as a teacher. Where were you when I was in Grade 5 - oh yeah you weren't even born yet!