Monday, October 13, 2008

Bruckner's 6th Symphony in the neighborhood

This evening the Vienna Philharmonic performed Bruckner's 6th Symphony at the Basilica of San Paolo. I usually change busses at the Basilica, so on my way home from work this evening, I stopped by to see if I could get in. A group of young German priests had an extra ticket that they gave me. Benedict XVI was also there, and I am sure he got in without a ticket.

The basilica is the principal church of our neighborhood, so we often stop in. But, there is a special excitement when you enter and the Swiss Guards are at the door and are posted at locations all around the basilica.

This picture is a stock photo I found online. (I left my camera at school.) I was seated in the group just in front of the second pillar from the right, in the side aisle. I had a good view of the conductor, and about 20 seats to my right I could see the Bishop of Rome with his white cap, among all of the cardinals with their red caps and the bishops with their purple caps.

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