Monday, October 20, 2008

Lunedì Letterario

The Smiles of Rome
A Literary Companion for Readers and Travellers
Edited by Susan Cahill

The Smiles of Rome is a anthology of writings on Rome by various authors (from Pliny to Fellini) organized by different periods in Roman history from Ancient Rome to contemporary Rome. It was interseting to read descriptions of the city from many points of view, including selections from St.Paul's Letter to the Romans in the New Testament, and other authors including Eleanor Clarke, Sigmund Freud, Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Updike and Susan Vreeland. After each selection, Susan Cahill has included a mini-travel guide to assist the reader explore the parts of Rome that the passages incorporate into their narrative. This book is a wonderful preparation for someone planning a visit to Rome, and a great companion to enjoy while living here.

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