Monday, December 1, 2008

Lunedì Letterario

(Pallas Guide)
By Mauro Lucentini
(and his wife Paola, and sons Eric and Jack)

This 700+ page guide, originally published in German and Italian, has replaced Georgina Masson's Companion Guide to Rome as my "Birdwalking Bible." Lucentini has organized the book (and the exploration of Rome) into a series of eleven "themed" walks, with numerous detours, as well as information about over a dozen places outside the walls. Each walk has two sections: one to read at home before you go, and the other to read on the spot. This allows the reader to absorb background information before going to visit someplace, and then to be presented with the relevant facts about each site on the spot without being overwhelmed with information that would be needed to explain it thoroughly.

During December I am using this book as my primary resource for obtaining information about the doors of Rome that I am sharing on this year's Advent Calendar.


Willym said...

These publishers are paying you rigt - another book you're going to make me buy!

Elisa said...

Hello Mr. Litman,

I very much enjoyed reading your blog. It is so inspiring. I saw couple of books I'd like to read and a few places I'd like to visit.

It's so nice you take the time to do it. I will be a regular since now on.

Good luck with you Christmas tree!

Elisa Meara