Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I found this presepio in Bologna two weeks ago. It is part of an international collection of Nativity scenes assembled by the Augustinian friars at the Oratorio of Santa Cecelia.

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Dean Nelson said...

I am a Pastor and I will be spending two months in Italy on Sabbatical. I find your blog helpful. I do have a few questions,one related to an article you wrote about the Whitsun Festival. We will be there during that time and we are having a hard time deciding if we whould take in an event. Any suggestions. I would love to tell you about my theme to see if you have any suggestions on what would make for a deep faith experience. My email is dean@bemidjicovenant if you would prefer talking other than the blog site. My wife also collects nativity sets so curious if this nativity sets you saw was seasonal? Thanks for a great blog site!