Sunday, July 19, 2009

Roman Wedding: Magdalena and Stefano

On Saturday, July 18, we had the honor to witness and celebrate the marriage of Magda Hutck and Stefano Folini. The civil cermony was held in the 19th century chapel of the Villa Lais, part of a public park in Rome.
The bride and groom are seated before the city magistrate
for the marriage ceremony.

These men playing cards in the park paid no attention to the bride and groom. They are probably "witnesses" to more than a dozen weddings every week!

Vincenzo taking a picture of Magda and Stefano.

Before the wedding ceremony started there were photographers that reminded us of window washers who approach your car at intersections. They were ready to be hired to take pictures.

Immediately after the ceremony it was a surprise to find an enterprising woman (in white) selling pictures of the bride and groom that had obviously been taken before the ceremony and printed during the 20 minute wedding service.

After the ceremony, we feasted the bride and groom at the groom's family home in the countryside outside the center of Rome towards the sea.

These were my favorite shoes at the wedding.

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