Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Villa Farnesina

Last Saturday I went with members of my Italian langage class to visit the 16th century Villa Farnesina, with a guided tour in Italian! It is located in Trastevere, near the Regina Coeli Prison. The villa was dsigned by Baldassare Peruzzi for the Sienese banker Agostino Chigi. It was decorated with non religious themes by famous paintes of teh time, including Raphael. Agostino Chigi entertained popes, cardinals, diplomats, writers and artists in a most lavish fashion. He often hosted dinners in the gardens facing the Tiber River.

Photography was not allowed in the villa, but I have taken some images from the inernet to share with you.

On the walls and ceiling on the garden loggia of the Villa are scenes from the myth of Cupid and Psche, painted by Raphael and his pupils.
Inside the villa on the ground floor is a fresco of Rafael's fomous Galatea. (The ceiling of the room is frescoed with the constellations as they appeared in the sky on the birth date of Agostino Chigi.)
One upstairs room, the Salone della Prospectiva there are frescoes showing he panorama of Rome in different directions. This room is filled with frescoes retelling many different mytholigical love storues.
The Chigi bedroom has a fresco of the marriage of Alexander the Great and Roxana.

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