Saturday, October 31, 2009

Churches of Calcata

The town of Calcata has three churches. The Church of Santissimo Nome di Gesù, dating from the 14th century and restored in 1793 is on the piazza in the old town. Paolo Portugese designed a new church for Calcata Nuova that was dedicated this year to St. Cyprian and Pope St. Cornelius. In between these two churches is a small chapel dedicated to Santa Maria della Cava.
Chiesa Santissimo Nome di Gesù
Interior with a reproduction of a painting of Christ by Antonella da Messina in the space formerly occupied by the reliquiry of the Santo Prepucio.

Chiesa Santa Maria della Cave
Floral offerings (real and plastic) before the image of the Madonna behind the altar.

Chiesa SS. Cornelia e Cipriano

Patrons of Calcata
St. Cyprian of Carthage and Pope St. Cornelius were contemporaries and allies, and they share a feast day, September 16. They also share the job of being the patrons of Calcata. Pope St. Cornelius died in exile at the port of Rome in September, 253. Because he suffered so much as pope, he is considered a martyr. St. Cyprian died five years later during the persecution of Valerian. He was beheaded at Carthage on September 14, 258.

These are the statues of the saints in the old church.

These are the statues in the new church.

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