Sunday, October 18, 2009

Museo della Mura

Third Saturday Field Trip or "Birdwalking" with Mr. Litman
Twenty one Ambrit students (with parents) met me at the Porta San Sebastiano on Saturday, October 17. We had a guided tour of the Museo della Mura, the Museum of the Wall. After climbing winding steps to get up into the wall, our guide showed us a model of the entire Roman Wall system and explained the history and different features of the wall's construction using graphic panels.We got to climb up to the very top of the west tower and enjoyed great views of the city of Rome. We could see the Via Appia Antica to the south and to the north we spotted the sculptures of the chariots on the Terrace of the Quadrigas, on top of the Victor Emmanuel Monument.
We were also able to walk along a part of the wall towards Via Cristoforo Colombo.

While waiting for the students and their families to arrive, I noticed an image of St. Michael the Archangel, carved into the side of the wall. During the Middle Ages, Christian images were often put on the wall for spiritual protection.

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Gerry said...

Thank you for the picture of St Michael. I had visited you site a few days ago and seen you had no new post. I love touring Rome with you. Keep it up.