Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

In Rome, families, friends and neighbors (often wearing red underwear to bring good luck) gather together on New Year's eve to welcome the new year. At midnight fireworks are ignited all over the city from balconies and terraces. We joined friends from work to celebrate 2010, and the rainy night cleared just at midnight, allowing us to go out on the terrace and enjoy the fireworks in the nieghborhood. (I had on red socks. Does that count as red underwear?)


Willym said...

no it does not!

Bill B said...

Happy New Year to you & Vin! We read that in Mexico, they wear new yellow underwear if they are seeking money in the New Year, and red underwear if they are seeking love. Italia por Amore!

Gregg and I stayed in and watched the fireworks over the SF Embarcadero from our deck.

Cheers to you and 2010!