Wednesday, March 3, 2010

House Blessing

On Tuesday I saw a notice on the front door of our condominium building announcing when the priest from the local parish would be here to bless our apartments. All of the houses in our neighborhood are blessed during Lent.
The apartment bell rang at 6:15 and the priest entered, vested in a white stole. After introducing himself, he went into the living room and recited a couple prayers before sprinkling the Holy Water. Before he left he asked about where I went to church. When I mentioned that I was American he told me that he is Polish. (Last year the priest was from India.)


laurent said...

How much does it cost to get an Italian Cardinal to come bless your house? You know Bella Figura!

Bill B said...

Did you have to put away any accoutrements befor ethe Priest gave his blessing?