Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marathon Day 3:54:31

This morning Vincenzo's trainers (sneakers) made a path to the door to give him encouragement as he left the apartment for the Rome Marathon, a 42.195 km course through the streets of the Eternal City.

Here he is warming up near the Arch of Constantine.

This was his waiting area for the start of the race. (He is about six people to the left from the blue & white "asics" banner. He is actually behind the yellow & green sign held by another runner, so we can't see him.)

We followed his course and cheered him on near the Temple of Hercules, the Ara Pacis (housed in a building designed by Richard Meier), and on the Via del Corso near the Spanish Steps.

Here he is, in the red shirt, just after passing the Ara Pacis.

This is the happy runner after finishing the marathon.


Shari said...

Congratulations Vincenzo! A marathon run on cobblestones is a double feat of endurance!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Vincenzo!!!!!!!


Bill B said...

Congrats to Vincenzo, and his best athletic supporter!