Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Giardino on Via della Sette Chiese

There is a wonderful "giardino" outside our condominium complex in Garbatella along Via della Sette Chiese. (It would be called a park in the United States.) The apartment buildings are on one side and the Church of San Filippo Neri and several stores are on the other side. Conveniently, you can find a take-out pizzaria and a gelateria on either side of the church. The Via della Sette Chiese is closed to cars as it goes though this area, allowing the street to be filled with people walking, families pushing strollers, children riding bikes and an occasional motorino. Our "giardino" is also the site for many special events, from birthday parties to wedding anniversaries.
Here are pictures of some of the activity in the "giardino" today.

Men hanging out with a few beers.

Boys playing in the drinking fountain.

In the foreground are two senior citizens (neighbors from our apartment building) who have just finished a slice of pizza and some beer. They are watching people from a younger generation gather around a laptop computer.

These women are walking through the "giardino"
on their way home after the evening Mass.

Today, there was a "festa" commemorating the 30th anniversary of the enactment of laws abolishing the old lunatic asylums in Italy. 

The picture above shows a "manicomio," or mental hospital of the past. Below are drawings of the new style of group homes and activity centers for adults with special needs.
There was music and dancing... 
and fun was had by people of all ages.

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