Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pentecost: Do people wear red to Mass in Rome?

The Ambo icon of Pentecost
at the Oratory of St Francis Xavier del Caravita

Today is Pentecost Sunday. In my New York parish there was a tradition that the congregation wore red clothing to church on Pentecost. This morning I got dressed in a red shirt, wondering... "Do Romans wear red shirts to church on Pentecost?" (Did I look like one of Garibaldi's men during the Risorgimento, the campaign for the unification of Italy?) As I walked to the bus stop, the woman waiting at the traffic signal was wearing a red blouse. At the bus stop there was a man with a bright red shirt. (I don't think either were going to church.) There seemed to be red roses blooming everywhere this morning.

When I got to church there were maybe a half dozen Americans wearing red. A couple of us posed for this picture after Mass. (I apologize that it is out of focus. It was taken by a Dominican from Florida.)

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