Sunday, May 18, 2008

Race for the Cure

This morning it was raining in Rome, but that did not stop us (and thousands of others) from participating in the 8th annual Roman "Race for the Cure." Here are some pictures from the race. 
The race began and ended at the Baths of Caracala,
completed in the year 216 AD.
Go Sisters!

From the Baths of Caracala, the race route went along the Circus Maximus, past the Temple of Hercules, through Piazza Vinezia, along the Roman Forum and around the Colosseum before heading back to the Baths of Caracala past the Arch of Constantine.
Here is Vincenzo modeling the race shirt. He ran the 5 km race.
I walked the 5 km. Below is a picture of me at the Colosseum with some of my colleagues from school.

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