Monday, May 18, 2009

Race for the Cure

On Sunday Vincenzo and I participated in the Race for the Cure. Vincenzo ran in the race and I took it as an opportunity for a Sunday morning walking tour in Rome! I hope you enjoy these sights of Rome from the route of the race.

Participants assembled in the stadium in front of
the Baths of Caracalla, built in 216 AD.

Vincenzo is here with the pack of runners at the start of the race.
(He is the first runner from the left wearing black shorts.)

The journey took us along the foot of the Palatine Hill
with the ruins of the Imperial Palace built by Claudius and Nero.
Nuns on the run.

Running through the Circus Maximus.

Walking past the round Temple of Hercules,
a Bernini inspired fountain from the 18th century,
and on the right, the Temple of Portunus, 2nd century BC.

This is the Arch of Janus, not dedicated to the god Janus, but rather carrying the name of the word for a four-way covered passage, built by Constantine in the 4th century. You can see the 12th century bell tower of the Basilica of San Giorgio behind the arch.

The Theater of Marcello, which reminds one of the Colosseum,
was Rome's first stone theater and was begun by Julius Caesar. 

 An ancient Roman artifact is a good place to sit for a rest.

Two Egyptian lions from a sanctuary of Isis
oversee the racers and walkers.

These steps lead to the Campidoglio designed by Michaelangelo.

The is the Altar of the Fatherland,
built by Mussolini to commemorate the unification of Italy.
It is also known as the monument to King Victor Emmanuel II.

Going past the Roman Forum.

Circling around the Colossium.

Passing the Arch of Constantine, 315 AD

The final kilometer is along a roadway
shaded by some of the "Pines of Rome."

Passing an entrance to the Farnese Gardens,
built in the 16th century on the Palentine Hill.

Getting ready to go under an arch of an ancient Roman aqueduct.

And after a 5 kilometer walk in Rome,
here I am at the finish line.

This posting is in honor of my friend Karen!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Larry and Vince for Running/walking the Race for the Cure
You guys are the BEST!!! we miss you sooo much