Saturday, May 2, 2009

To market, to market

It is Saturday afternoon and we drive to iper-coop, the supermarket at the Euroma 2 mall.

Vincenzo likes to go the the large supermarket once in a while because we get to scan our own groceries. I like it because they have almost everything!

Our first stop is to pick up the scanner.

There is a nifty holder for it on the shopping cart.

Vincenzo is scanning some whipped cream to go with strawberries.

I have fun weighing produce.
After placing the cauliflower on the scale, I enter its assigned number
and receive a label with the price and a bar code.
I scan the barcode before putting it in the shopping cart.

Vincenczo is checking out the orchids.
We got one for the apartment and I got one for my classroom.

The cart is full and we are tired so we go to the check out and
give the cashier our scanner so she can confirm how much we owe.

Here are our groceries in the entry hall waiting to be put away.


Bill Bowersock said...

Great photos and commentary to give us a feel for your experience. We now have self-check at Safeway in SF!

Bear hugs ~ Bill & Gregg

laurent said...

modern shopping. Never tried the COOP. Looks like fun.