Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Catacombs in Garbatella

On Sunday I explored a relatively new (and small) park in Garbatella, several blocks from our apartment on the Via delle Sette Chiese. Inside the park are two locked entrances to the Catacombs of Commodilla, discovered in 1905. The site is not too far from the Via Ostiense and the Basilica San Paolo fuori la mura. I hope it will be possible to arrange a visit to these catacombs in the future.

Commodilla is an unknown Christian matron, on whose property were buried Saints Felix and Adauctus, martyred during the persecution of Diocletian.

This 4th century frescoe was dicovered in 1953 on the ceiling of an underground corner of the Catacombs of Commodilla. It is of Jesus the Alpha and Omega and is the earliest representation of Christ with a beard. Before this time Jesus was usually depicted as a young beardless man. (Image is from www.religionfacts.com.)

Flora (and fauna) in the park...

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Gerry said...

Hi Larry
You are so lucky to live and work in such a beautiful place. I have never been to Italy and probably never will. I taught ( yes taught) for 30 years I taught from ages 6weeks to 5 year olds . You are special to teach 10 year olds. They still want to learn about the world around them. Making and flying you own kite is very special. Talk to you later
Adios Gerry