Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roman Parking Ticket

On Saturday, while walking near the Pantheon, I saw a SmartCar being covered with PostIt Notes.

I approached the young man putting the papers on the car to find out what he was doing. His girl friend had a ticket on her car for illegal parking in the historic center. He was trying to soften the shock when she discovers that she has to pay a fine.

What do all of the papers say?
"TI AMO" - "I Love You."



i think she'd be more impressed if he took the fine and paid it and never told her.

sageweb said...

I am with Yellowdog...he should pay it for her..

Maureen said...

Yes, I agree with previous posts. He should go the extra step and show his devotion by paying the ticket. Not mentioning anything makes it even more admirable:)

Anonymous said...

He probably will pay the ticket but couldn't resist the opportunity to be wildly expressive and romantic. 10 points!...and that's why I married an Italian.....because he sent me lovesongs and photos from Rome, bought me perfume and gifts and ran after my plane with a bunch of roses.......opening the door for me, having an accent and being a cool dresser helps, too!..and I still remember that when I pick up after him!