Sunday, December 13, 2009

Advent Calendar: Roman Gate 13

Gates, lift high your heads,
raise high the ancient gateways,
and the king of glory shall enter.
Psalm 24: 7 (New Jerusalem Bible)

Gate in Ostia Antica

Ostia was the harbor of Ancient Rome. This gate is the entrance to Domus del Protiro, a Roman home built in the middle of the 3rd Century AD. It was a large house, with 32 rooms on the ground floor. Rooms for servants were on an upper floor.

Among the artifacts found in this house were fragments of a green glass cup made in the 4th century. This drawing shows the Christian design on the cup: Christ with a palm tree and a basket of bread. The palm tree is a symbol of paradise and the basket is a reference to the Eucharist.

Anglican Collect for the 3rd Sunday of Advent

Stir up your power, O Lord, and with great might come
among us; and, because we are sorely hindered by our sins,
let your bountiful grace and mercy speedily help and deliver
us; through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with you and
the Holy Spirit, be honor and glory, now and for ever. Amen.

Book of Common Prayer

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Peaceful and inviting with a hint of green pastures. Thanks for sharing these photos and thoughts.