Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent Calendar: Roman Gate 16

Gates, lift high your heads,
raise high the ancient gateways,
and the king of glory shall enter.
Psalm 24: 7 (New Jerusalem Bible)

Porta Latina

The Porta Latina is the best preserved gate of the 3rd Century Aurelian Walls. The Via Latina was the ancient Roman road that started from this gate and went to central and southern Italy.

People of hope

In this season of Advent, inspire us to be a people of hope.

Encourage us not to be greedy for material possessions, but for justice and truth.

Enflame us with a love for others, which crosses boundaries of race, religion and nationality.

Stir within us a desire to fight for the integrity of creation and appreciate the immense beauty of the earth.

Be with us, Lord, at this time, that we may be a people of hope. Amen.

© Susy Brouard/CAFOD

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