Monday, December 28, 2009

Lunedì Letterario

New Book for Birdwalking
Visitors and residents say that Rome has churches everywhere. Generally they are referring to the countless churches that are scattered throughout the historic center. However, most visitors never see the churches beyond the walls of the ancient city and residents usually are only aware of the one or two churches in their own neighborhood.

For Christmas I received a book from Vincenzo that will be a source for many birdwalks in the months (and maybe even years!) ahead.

ROMA 1945-2005
by Stefano Mavilio

The volume was done in collaboration with the Italian Episcopal Conference and contains information about 226 churches built in the Diocese of Rome between World War II and 2005. The churches are organized by geographical region and each entry includes pictures to accompany a commentary that gives the name of the architect, date of construction and details about the building.

I am looking forward to new neighborhoods that will be discovered as I search out many of the churches in this book. Watch for reports about my 20th Century Church Birdwalking as I post them here on this blog.

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