Thursday, December 24, 2009

Advent Calendar: Roman Gate 24

Gates, lift high your heads,
raise high the ancient gateways,
and the king of glory shall enter.
Psalm 24: 7 (New Jerusalem Bible)

Gate on Via di San Teodoro

This gate opens to the south-west zone of the Palatine Hill. In this area are some of Rome's most ancient ruins, including Iron Age huts with burial grounds. (This could be the site of the caves of Romulus, Rome's legendary founder.) This part of the Palatine was also the site of the Temple of Magna Mater, dedicated to the religion of Cybele, brought to Rome in 204 BC during the 2nd Punic War.

Advent Prayer to Jesus

You are our eternal salvation,
The unfailing light of the world.
Light everlasting,
You are truly our redemption.
Grieving that the human race was perishing
through the tempter's power,
without leaving the heights
You came to the depths in your loving kindness.
Readily taking our humanity by Your gracious will,
You saved all earthly creatures, long since lost,
Restoring joy to the world.
Redeem our souls and bodies, O Christ,
and so possess us as Your shining dwellings.
By Your first coming, make us righteous;
At your second coming, set us free:
So that, when the world is filled with light
and you judge all things,
We may be clad in spotless robes
and follow in Your steps, O King,
Into the heavenly hall.

Unknown Author, 10th century

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